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Are The Health Benefits Of Tofu Right For You?

Tofu has in recent years been hailed as a super food, but are the health benefits of tofu right for you? A lot of questions are being asked about soya and the products which are derived from soya at the moment. It is often claimed that soya can help women going through the peri-menopause or the actual menopause, but is it actually true? The fact is that Japanese women do suffer less from menopausal symptoms, but is it down to soya or genetic make up?

We often presume that we do not eat a lot of soya in the West but the fact is that we eat more than our fair share. Why? Soya, and other soya based products, are used as fillers and bulking agents in our every day food. Next time you buy a loaf of bread, look out for the word lecithin, and ask yourself what it is. Lecithin is another word for soya, so it is present in our food.

Not only is soya found in bread, it is also in many milk products, and soya is even fed to cattle and chickens as feed. The question we should be asking is; are we eating too much soya?

Oestrogen Dominance

When doctors check the hormonal balance in menopausal women, they often find that their hormonal balance isn’t right. Most women in the Western world have too much oestrogen in their bodies, and this can lead to weight gain, hormonal problems and even cancers. The problem we have is that must of us are not aware how much soya our food contains. Doctors and scientists did not realize that neither until they started to investigate the problem.

What is the answer? Perhaps we need to “dejunk” our food from soya before we start claiming that soya is a life saver. We just eat too much of the stuff, and it is making us ill. As a matter of fact, Japanese women perhaps only eat half of what we do.

To reverse the problem, doctors are finding that they are prescribing more and more progesterone medication in various forms, The most user friendly forms are the progesterone only Pill and natural progesterone creams. If, you are experiencing any problems of this kind, check out your hormonal balance. What are your hormones up to?

Typical signs of oestrogen dominance include bloating, breast pain, heavy periods, weight gain and fibroids. You are what you eat, how much soya are you eating?

Genetically Modified Soya

Also the soya that we eat here in the West is genetically modified. Just like all genetically modified food, it may lack many things which the natural food contains. That means that it is already causing an imbalance in your body. Very little of the soya in Japan comes from genetically modified soya. If, you are truly low in oestrogen, you would be better taking a supplement of the right spread of components instead of adding more soya products to your diet.

Genuine Tofu

Genuine tofu can be good for you in moderation, but even Japanese ladies are careful. They know that eating too much tofu is associated with weight gain, and other health problems. If a Japanese lady would like to lose weight, she always avoids tofu.

Tofu can be of benefit to you, but it is best added to our food in small quantities. Genuine tofu produced from GM free soya will have many health benefits. It is naturally rich in calcium and vitamin E. The fiber associated with soya is removed during the manufacturing process, and this makes tofu very easy to digest.

Of course, tofu is very easy to manipulate and can be turned into main courses and desserts. All tofu should be eaten fresh, so it is best to buy it every two days or so if you intend to cook with it.

Being aware of what is in your food is very important. Many health products which are being touted as good for us may not be so. Low fat food for instance is often more rich in soya. You may think that you are doing the right thing by eating low fat, but if you are still not losing weight, you need to ask yourself what is going on.

The are health benefits of tofu out there, but it needs to be a quality product made from GM free soya beans.

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