Hemorrhoids Remedy

hemorrhoidsIt can be difficult to choose a hemorrhoids remedy that you may easily incorporate into your lifestyle and get the maximum amount of relief from. There are many routes you can take when you find yourself in need of help to deal with your hemorrhoids. Whether the treatment you choose is from a medical professional or you try a time tested natural home remedy, there are many to consider.

The most common treatment you can find on a pharmacy shelf would be over the counter creams and ointments. There are many varieties. However, most will contain a few essential ingredients. First of all, they will most likely contain a pain killer or numbing compound such as lidocaine. This will provide a bit of pain relief on contact and it can last for several hours. Others will contain a steroid that aids in the reduction of inflammation. They may also contain a cooling or soothing additive such as aloe or witch hazel which brings relief from any burning or itching. There may be ingredients, especially in steroids, which can cause allergic reactions. As with all medications you use, you should thoroughly check the ingredients and warnings before applying. Any store bought hemorrhoids remedy may also have guidelines as to how often you can use it. It is always best to follow these as any added irritation to the hemorrhoids only defeats the purpose of the medication.

Aside from creams, there are also medicated pads and wipes that may be an alternative hemorrhoids remedy that works for you. These can be used after each bowel movement and may also contain witch hazel or aloe. This will give the cool soothing relief that brings a halt instantly to any pain and burning you may feel.

There are many natural ways to help ease hemorrhoid pain at home using herbs and supplements. This kind of hemorrhoids remedy works especially nice for those who may be sensitive to other treatments such as ointments. Applying aloe or honey directly to the hemorrhoid area is known to help ease itching, irritation and burning. The herb Echinacea, commonly thought of as a cold remedy, is known to relieve itching on contact also.

One very popular remedy that has been used long before any creams were ever available is horse chestnut. This herbal substance is known for its circulatory support properties. The effective ingredient in horse chestnut is aesin and it can help reduce inflammation and help the veins of the anus become more elastic. This added elasticity makes them stronger and decreases the likelihood of hemorrhoids.

There is a cautionary note about horse chestnut. It is not advisable to take it if you are pregnant or nursing. Also, if you have any kidney or liver problems, you will want to make sure you ask your doctor before you begin taking horse chestnut.

Perhaps the most well known natural hemorrhoids remedy that is used and is very effective is witch hazel. This astringent has many uses and is very helpful in soothing hemorrhoids. It has cooling properties and also acts as a natural disinfectant and cleanser. Many of the pre-moistened wipes and pads that are on the market for hemorrhoid relief already contain witch hazel. It can be applied on its own simply by dabbing some on a cotton ball and blotting the hemorrhoid area.

Each of these hemorrhoids remedy tips is generally safe for everyone. However, it is always best to see your doctor to assess your situation before you treat anything with herbs or supplements.

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