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How To Add The Health Benefits Of Apples To Your Life

Are we beginning to ignore apples? Supermarkets are reporting that they are selling less and less apples. Could that mean that we are not appreciating the health benefits of apples? This once very popular fruit seems to have been replaced by other more exotic and expensive fruits. Most fruits are good for us, but the problem with exotic fruits, is that they have been transported over long distances. Transporting fruit and vegetables over long distances will reduce their nutritional value. The apple farm down the road would probably deliver better nutritional value, and, also, better value for money.

Should we ignore apples? Absolutely not, and did you know that an apple contains more vitamin C than an orange? On top of that, they are also richer in fiber, and one particular soluble fiber, pectin, is very important. Pectin can help us to lower our cholesterol, boost our immune system and sweep away toxins in the body. In other words, it is a natural broom that we ignore at our own peril. Oranges on the other hand are acidic, and can even trigger arthritis and gout. Perhaps you really should consider adding an apple a day to your diet.

Different colors

There are many different varieties of apples, and the home grown varieties are just packed with nutrition. Apples like Orange Pippin grow slower, and are therefore even more packed with nutrition than other apples. The great thing about apples is that they come in many different tastes and sizes, there is an apple out there for anybody.

Does the color matter? No, it doesn’t really but it could be a good idea to eat a variety of different colored apples. Apples get their colors from anti-oxidants, and there are many kinds of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants give apples their unique colors, and each anti-oxidant produce a unique color. The more different anti-oxidants that we eat, the better our immune systems will function and we will stay healthier.

How to add apples to your diet

The first fruit that most kids eat is normally bananas, and then we may give them apples. We mash the apple up, and may even put some cinnamon in there to make it taste. However, there are some great ways to add more apples to your diet as you get older.

Cooking with apples is easy, and you can bake them in a pie, but did you know they taste great with sausages? Next time you are making a sausage casserole, add some apples and taste the difference. You can also add them to smoothies. A smoothie made with almond milk, cinnamon and honey is a real winter warmer.

What else can we do with apples? If, you are suffering from an upset stomach, you should consider baking yourself an apple. This is a really great way to slow excessive bowel movement. Simply core the apple, and bake in your oven. Coring the apple will let you add some freshly grated ginger to help you stop feeling sick. Try it next time you are a bit down, and see how much better you feel afterwards.

Apples are naturally quite sweet, so baking them into a cake is really easy. Kids seem to love apple muffins, and an apple bran muffin can make a good healthy afternoon snack. We snack on a lot of apple muffins in our family, and they are a great way to keep your energy levels topped up during the day.

Another way to add more apples to your life is to add them to home baked bread. Small chunks of apples will make your bread really nice and moist, and you are adding a bit of pectin to your diet.

How many apples should you eat per day? It is really up to you. Another great thing with apples is that they have a high water content. We are always being told to drink more what, but water in all forms matter. The water in apples comes with a variety of health benefits including electrolytes for energy, lots of vitamin B and our old friend vitamin C. Normal drinking water does not contain these “free of charge” health benefits that you can find in apples. One apple a day is great, but to really enjoy the health benefits of apples trying adding more to your diet. You really can’t get enough of this humble locally produced fruit.

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