Knowing the Popular Diet Plans


belly fat 2There are just millions and millions of people searching on Google all the time about diets – of one kind or another. And that’s just in America. For some reason, Americans are completely focused on their weight issues. Oddly enough though, for all the time Americans spend obsessing over their weight, the average American body weight isn’t really anywhere near it should be. A good part of the reason why of course is that there are so many popular diet plans out there that no one really knows which way to head. Well, let’s take a look at all the popular diet plans there are and try to clear the air a little bit.

Let’s start with a really extreme diet plan – the hCG diet – a plan that has you shooting needles like a junkie. The basic plan is that you need to inject a hormone all the time called hCG – that they distill out of the urine of pregnant women (ew). But no, the hormone doesn’t make you thin.


It’s just meant to numb you to the effects of the other part of the diet – the one where you subsist on 500 cal a day. That’s actually starvation level. And the FDA doesn’t think it’s even safe. But it’s one of the most popular diet plans out there nevertheless; and lots of people totally swear by it.

Here’s another one that’s got people all worked up – it’s the 17 day diet. People on the hCG diet claim to be able to lose half a pound a day. The 17 day diet does that one better. This diet says that you can lose 15 pounds in a shade over 15 days. The diet consists of four parts.

Each one lasts 17 days. Apparently, it’s all about turning your diet on its head once every couple of weeks, so that your body doesn’t ever get used to anything. This is supposed to keep your metabolism working in high gear and burn a lot of fat.

Everyone’s heard of the South Beach diet by now; the designers of that diet just decided that perhaps they need to juice things up a bit to help their product regain a little bit of its lost shine. They call it The South Beach Diet Supercharged.

Version 2 of the old favorite still retains many of the familiar trademarks of the original – there’s still a three-phase program and you’re still supposed to quit carbs. This time around though, they’ve tried to outdo the first one by adding an exercise plan.

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